Secretariat closed during Christmas, Tech adm. and IT opening hours, and access to buildings

During the Christmas holidays the secretariat will be closed and Tech adm. and IT will have different opening hours. Access to BCE's buildings will also be affected.

The BCE secretariat is closed

From 22 December to 1 January (both days included) BCE’s secretariat is closed.

In this period you cannot expect assistance, so be sure to forward requests in good time before the closing period.

Should you have urgent issues during the closing period you can contact and we will do our best to help you.  


Access to and conditions in buildings

Temperatures and ventilation will not be turned down during the holidays, but we urge all employees to unplug sockets, switch of the lights, and turn down radiators in your offices if you know that you will not be in during Christmas and New Year.

Likewise in laboratories, any not used electronic devises should be turns off, and ventilation kept at a minimum in fume cupboards etc.


From 23 December to 1 January the access to our buildings in Aarhus will be restricted to the use of key cards. You can still access the buildings but will need to use your key card and pin-code, just like during the weekends, evenings, or early morning.

Foulum and Biogas Plant

In Foulum and at the Biogas Plant access will remain as normal. Here you must always use your key card to enter buildings.


Opening hours in the faculty administration and IT

  • Administration Center Nat-Tech is closed in the period 23 December to 1 January (both days included).
  • Facility Management will be present in buildings throughout the holidays, but with limited staff.
  • IT’s opening hours from 23 December to 1 January (both days included):
    • Campus (Aarhus) open on telephone 8715 4010 and physical attendance from 09.00 – 13.00.
    • Other IT Helpdesks are closed for physical attendance but can be contacted by telephone on 8715 4010 from 09.00 – 13.00.