Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Gustav Wieds Vej 10 D    
8000 Aarhus  
Phone: +45 8715 0000

CVR/VAT number: 31 11 91 03
EAN number: 5798000433823 
Place number: 6311

Department Management team

Heads of Sections

Medical Biotechnology

Environmental Technology Engineering

Industrial Biotechnology

Process and Materials Engineering

Department Secretariat

  • Department management support
  • Personnel management
  • Internal communication
  • Coordination with The Faculty and other departments

Ann Høgh Mikkelsen

Secretariat Staff Member
  • Keys and keycard
  • Employments of hourly paid
  • Cars
  • Purchase
  • RejsUd
  • Conference Manager

Morten Lund Højer

Secretariat Staff Member
  • Research Committee
  • Public Sector Consultancy Committee
  • Liaison Committee
  • Partnerships and external relations
  • Holidays and absence

Pætur Haraldsen Albinus

Secretariat Staff Member
  • WorkZone super user
  • Onboarding
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Research support
  • Recruitments/Employments
  • Guest coordinator
  • Seminars/Events
  • Support and development of the education area
  • PhD coordinator
  • PhD committee
  • Coordinator between BCE and TTO in connection with NDAs
  • Advicer
  • Support for the education area
  • Mentor Coordinator


Martin Pedersen

Payroll Staff Member

Gitte Møbjerg Hansen

Payroll Staff Member


Project finance administrator

Project finance administrator

Project finance administrator

Line Sørensen

Projekt Finance Controller

Communication and press

Heidi Søndergaard

Communications partner
  • Typo3 support
  • Web pages
  • Graphics and layout  

Kim Harel

Senior Consultant
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination

Jesper Bruun

Communications partner
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination

HR and PhD partners

HR partner

PhD partner