Information about rollout of security measures on the AU wired network

The rollout of the network protocol is planned at NetTech (Campus Aarhus) from week 8 to week 12.

[Translate to English:] Credit Vadym, Colourbox
[Translate to English:] Credit Vadym, Colourbox

The university management has decided to raise the level of security with regard to equipment connected to Aarhus University's network. Therefore, at AU we must ensure that only authorized and known AU equipment can be connected to AU's wired client network and gain access to our important systems and data. It was decided, in 2019, to implement the 802.1x network protocol, for this purpose.

The implementation is planned to ensure, that equipment connected to AU’s client network is not immediately affected. All equipment that are currently connected to the AU client network will have access to the same services as before rollout.

Equipment provided and centrally handled by AU IT will remain on the client network. Equipment not known or centrally handled by AU IT shall not be on AU's client network in the future. It will be placed on a temporarily quarantine network with the exact same properties as the client network and the equipment will function here as to day.

Subsequently, there will be a need to decide whether other existing networks (laboratory networks, development networks, guest networks, etc.) can be used or whether, in collaboration with AU IT, new solutions must be found as needed.

Connection from home for employees and students via VPN or Horizon with 2-factor authentication as well as the use of AU-ACCESS and EDUROAM, will not be affected by the rollout of 802.1x.

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