Information on new staff websites at AU

Later this year all staff will get new personal websites. The new websites are more user-friendly and offer more opportunities for staff to adapt and edit content.

New mandatory text fields 

The new personal websites have a new feature: text fields where you must write a short text describing your activities under one or more of following headings, depending on the nature of your work at AU:  

  • Research 
  • Teaching 
  • Consultancy 
  • Collaboration 
  • Job responsibilities 
  • Profile 

All AU employees will be responsible for their own employee profile
A special editor that makes it easy to fill in the fields has been developed. With the new design and the new editor, it is up to the individual employee to fill in their own profile, upload their CV, add links to various external websites, etc.

Some of the content from your current employee profile will automatically appear in the new design. This is primarily your contact information, title/function and list of publications. Existing profile text is not automatically carried over to the new design.

NOTE: If you want to reuse existing text from your current profile, make sure to save it before the transition to the new design takes effect. We will follow up with more information when we know about the timing of the launch.


Registration of publications etc. continues in the PURE system
It is important to emphasize that the PURE system will continue to be used to register publications, activities, etc.

At BCE, we have currently chosen to continue the existing practice in the engineering Departments regarding the registration of publications in PURE. This practice means that a specialized secretariat employee at MPE (Mogens Odgaard Andersen) updates publication lists for employees at all four engineering departments. The reason for this practice is that experience has shown that the registration of publications in PURE is rather complicated and often results in registration errors, which can have a financial impact on the department.


About the development of the new websites 

The new website design was developed by a broadly representative working group with input from both academic and administrative/technical staff. It was approved by the senior management team. The senior management team also approved the inclusion of the mandatory text field. AU IT coordinated the project. 

This is what the new design looks like:

You will receive emails that explain how the new personal websites work and how to use them. See also the news on AU's employee portal about the new employee websites: