Report on TV2 Østjylland about CO2 capture

Head of Department Lars Ottosen has been interviewed for a news story on TV2 Østjylland about new technology that will enable CO2 capture.

The background for the news story is a new political agreement that will pave the way for a reduction of at least 34 million tonnes of CO2 over a 15-year period, where funds from a CCUS pool and a Green Tax Reform pool will enable more players to capture and store CO2 underground. 

The government's goal in allocating funds to the area is that full-scale CO2 capture and storage will be able to contribute to Denmark's and Europe's fulfilment of climate goals. 

In the news story, Lars Ottosen talks about both the opportunities and costs associated with the technology and the political focus on the area. You can read and hear more about the story here: (in danish)

Et kig ind i fremtiden: Varmeværk kan indfange 200.000 ton CO2 og sende det på lager | TV2 Østjylland (