Hiring procedures for PhD positions at BCE

Please follow these procedures when you announce a PhD project.

The graduate school (GSTS) can help you put together a media plan for the announcement, but you must pay for this yourself. The position will be announced on the GSTS website with no costs for you.

From the time the PhD project is announced on the GSTS website and up to the application deadline, the GSTS will carry out a legality check on the applicants. This means that the GSTS will check all applicants, among other things for whether they meet the language skills requirements. If they fail to meet the language skills requirements, they will not be included in the further assessment process.

After the deadline the applications will be sent to you and you can review the candidates. When you interview one (or more) applicants for the position there must be a member of the PhD committee, or another senior staff present at the interview. The person must be impartial because the participation is to ensure proper administration of the process.

The PhD committee will then make the academic recommendations and based on the academic recommendation, the Admissions Committeee and the Head of PhD school will decide which applicant are to be offered a position.

When you have chosen a candidate and he/she has been offered a position, there is some paperwork, that may influence the start date.

  • 30 days of case processing time for Danish citizens
  • 60 days of case processing time for EU-citizens
  • 90 days of case processing time for non EU-citizens