Action plan for psychological working environment at BCE is ready

BCE's action plan for psychological working environment is now available and several initiatives have already been launched. Read more about the process and the focus of the action plan.

Earlier this spring, the majority of the Department's staff took part in a workplace assessment and completed an online questionnaire about the physical and psychological conditions in our workplace. We achieved a good response rate, and the chair of BCE's Occupational Health and Safety Committee, Morten Dam Rasmussen, was able to present the main results of the survey at the staff meeting in April.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU) and the Liaison Committee (LSU), as well as the management of the Department, have worked together, well organised and driven by Morten Dam Rasmussen, to develop an action plan for the psychological working environment, which will ensure that the focus areas identified in the workplace assessment are followed up.
LAMU is still working on finding solutions to the many reported physical challenges. Information about this will be sent out later.

The action plan for the psychological working environment is now complete and accessible through BCE's employee portal.

Focus of the action plan
The Action Plan has three main areas of focus:

  • Improvement of well-being and prevention of stress
  • MUS: Yearly Staff Development Dialogue (SDD)
  • Workplace culture and communication

Based on input from staff, LAMU and LSU have identified a number of activities for each focus area. The character of the activities varies, as does the responsibility for working on them. This is reflected in the action plan.

Improvement of well-being and prevention of stress
LAMU, LSU and the Department's management encourage all staff to read AU's information on preventing and managing stress. Find the information here.

Here you will also find a link to a stress test and guidance on how to be aware of yourself and your colleagues. If you feel persistent signs of stress, it's important to act on them. Talk to your manager or colleagues to get help.

Hello and goodbye to colleagues
One of the activities under the focus area Workplace Culture and Communication is to inform about new colleagues joining the Department and goodbyes to colleagues leaving. This information is now available on the employee homepage under employments and resignations and will be updated regularly.

If you have any questions regarding the physical or psychological working environment at BCE, you are always welcome to contact your LAMU representative, who you can find here.