Mail and courier services

Internal and External mail (Post Danmark)

Letters and parcels are stamped at a central location at the university by the Internal Mail Service. Place your letter/parcel on the external mail tray where you pick up your mail. Mail is collected by the Internal Mail Service and taken to the university administration who stamps and sends it the same day.

Parcels to private addresses

When shipping a parcel to a private address, you need to put a sticker (will be removed by internal mail before shipment) on the parcel with the receivers mobile number and/or email address for PostNord to be able to send the receiver a track and trace number 

Letter/parcels to Foulum

You can also send letters/parcels to Foulum via Internal Mail, who collects all the mail to these locations and send them all in one shipment.

Letters will be delivered three to five working days after delivery to PostNord.

If it is absolutely necessary for your letter to be delivered tomorrow, you can send it as a ‘quick letter’. Write the letter ‘Q’ on the top centre of the envelope, and Internal Mail will take care of the rest.

Courier services

Aarhus Universitet has signed a courier agreement with the PostNord, but you can freely choose another courier if you want.


Ann Høgh Mikkelsen

Secretariat Staff Member