If you are going to make a purchase as a member of staff at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, you can find help and guidance here.


Aarhus University has entered into a number of purchasing agreements with various suppliers. Please note that all purchases must be made in accordance with the university’s purchasing agreements. You can find a complete list of approved suppliers here:


Guidance to purchases

Before you make a purchase you must always have the expense approved by your project leader or head of section.

You must also check if what you are ordering is covered by one of AU's purchasing agreements. Most often, these purchases must be made via e-commerce in IndFak.

Please note that this information must be stated on the invoice from the supplier:

  • Aarhus University's CVR number 31 11 91 03
  • EAN number 5798000433823
  • Delivery address
  • Name of the buyer and the approver of the purchase
  • Project and activity number

Project and activity numbers

When making purchases that are to be paid from the department account or a section account, you must enter the correct project and activity number. 

It is important that you have permission to make the purchase. You must therefore always get the permission from the person listed as responsible for the respective project number. 

You can download an overview of current project and activity numbers at the department by clicking on the image below (only available in Danish). 

If you make purchases, which are covered by an external project, you must contact the project manager or project economist for the correct numbers. 

The DKK 100.000 limit

When making a purchase that is not covered by an agreement, you have to contact Procurement, if the amount exceeds 100.000 DKKR ex. VAT. If the amount is less than 100.000 DKKR, you must collect 2-3 offers and choose the one that best suits your criteria regarding quality, function and price (among other things). Retrieval of offers can be via e-mail, telephone or website search.

You must be able to document that you have searched the market, e.g. by an e-mail sent to yourself with your notes and criteria, or – even better – by journalising it.

Read more in the procurement guidelines on Procurement’s website.

Consulting and guidance in procurement

Procurement in AU Finance and Estates are always available for consulting and guidance regarding purchases. You can find more information about procurement here.

The Department have an associated procurement partner, who is your personal contact. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the partner, who you can find here.

Purchase IT equipment

AU is a public institution, and purchases should therefore be done with consideration for how financial resources are managed most effectively. Purchases of IT equipment should be based on an assessment of whether equipment from former employees can be reused (PC, monitor, keyboard, etc.), as well as which equipment meets the existing needs, rather than which manufacturer is preferred.

As with purchasing in general, you should always have the purchase of IT equipment approved by your project or section leader before placing an order.

Purchases of IT equipment should, to the greatest extent possible, be made on externally funded projects. If this is not possible, the purchase will be covered by the section's budget. The project numbers for the sections can be found in the IT webshop or viewed in the menu item above.

If you are not already familiar with BCE's principles for purchasing IT equipment, you should read these before placing an order.

IT equipment must be bought through IT's webshop.