Room reservation

Booking meeting rooms

You can book a meeting room by inviting the room to a meeting from your Outlook calendar, in the same way you normally invite participants. You find the specific meeting room by searching for building number-room number (for example 3210-03.070) in the address book. Find an overview of our building numbers below.

Building numbers:

  • Finlandsgade 10-12 = 5110 or 5112
  • Foulum = 8210-L30 or 8212-L32 or 8814 (main building)
  • Gustav Wieds Vej = 3140 (pavilion 1), 3141 (pavilion 2) and 3142 (pavilion 3)
    • Canteen area in building 3141 = 3141-120 Frokoststue (write your name, phone number and purpose). Please notice that your reservation is not final until you receive a confirmation from Dorte Abildskov.
  • Hangøvej = 5250
  • Universitetsbyen 36 = 1782 or 1783
  • Åbogade 40 = 5794

Booking classrooms
Course and Exam Administration System handles the booking of classrooms. If you need to book a classroom, you must send an email to

Before you send an email, you can check if the room that you want is available by following the link below.