Guest researchers and guest PhD’s

Guest researchers and guest PhDs are researchers or PhD students employed or enrolled at another university but staying at BCE for a specific period of time. Researchers at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering are welcome to invite guest researchers and guest PhD’s. Please follow the procedure below if you want to invite a guest researcher or guest PhD:


  • Before starting the process, you must ensure that your head of section has approved the stay.
  • Your guest must finance the stay without financial support from Aarhus University.
  • Then you must fill in the form below no later than 3 months before the expected start date (applies to both EU and non-EU guests).
  • Guest coordinator Azra Becic Brka ( will then start the process and prepare the invitation letter. The invitation letter can only be signed by the Head of Department, and  the guest coordinator will take care of this.
  • Please note that both paid and unpaid work requires a Danish work permit.

Form for guest researchers and guest PhD’s

Powermail Gæsteforskere og -studerende

Application form