Journalising in WorkZone

Like the rest of Aarhus University, the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering uses the journalising system WorkZone for all journalising.

If you are the project leader of a research project, you have a joint duty with us to ensure that relevant documents and correspondence related to research projects are journalised. The most important ones are:

  • Research applications, grants and rejections
  • Agreements, contracts, collaboration agreements and declarations that are relevant to the research project
  • Decisions, rulings, correspondence with external parties, etc. that are relevant to the research project

The secretariat ensures that all research projects get a case in Workzone, and that the project leader receives a guide on how to journalise.

Relevant documents and correspondence can also be sent to BCE's journalling mailbox, Please remember to indicate in the email which research project the documents belong to.

We follow Nat and Tech’s joint journalising principles

The department follows Nat and Tech’s joint journalising principles, which can be found on Nat-Tech’s website: Nat and Tech guidelines and descriptions. The website also includes more information about how to use WorkZone.

What must be saved in Workzone?

All incoming and outgoing correspondence/e-mails as well as finished internal documents, such as agendas and minutes from meetings, research applications, concluded contracts and formal agreements as well as significant documents/business-critical internal correspondence. 

Why do we need to journalise?

As a state institution, we are subject to the following within public administration:

  • The Public Administration Act – the right of access to documents require documentation of administrative procedures
  • The Public Records Act – obliges journalising of documents that has a bearing on the case
  • The Danish Archives Act – obligation to use the archive system and requirement of submission of certain documents
  • The Danish Data Protection Act – Requirement of processing personal data

All AU employees are thus subject to the obligation to journalise. As an employee you must therefore journalise all documents, letters, incoming and outgoing e-mails, notes, meeting minutes, phone notes, etc., which concerns AU’s internal work as well as external collaborations.

If you are in doubt as to where in WorkZone you have to journalise the material, you can contact the person in the department responsible for WorkZone. The contact information is in the column on the right.