Holiday and absence

As an employee at Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, you must follow the procedure below when you want to take holidays, or have other types of absence. Read more below or in the complete procedure in the light blue container to the right.


The Senior Management Team at AU wishes that employees take all holidays, including special holidays, during the holiday year. All monthly-paid employees earn 2.08 days of ordinary holiday and 0.42 days of special holiday per month.

Holiday planning is based on fixed standard holiday periods for the holiday year, which can be seen in the purple container to the right (please notice that only employees' available holidays will be registered in the standard periods).

Holidays and absence are registered in mitHR. Employees must use the system's self-service when changing or adding holiday(s) and other absence. It is possible to log in to mitHR from the system's front page, where you can also find guides for various functions.

Procedure for changing standard registered or planned holidays

  • It is not possible to cancel holidays without scheduling them on other dates.
  • The change must be reported prior to the holiday(s) that should be changed.
  • The change must be reported prior to the date, which the holiday(s) should be changed to.
  • The number of holidays that should be registered, must at least be equal to the number of (standard) holidays to be deleted.
  • In mitHR you must indicate in the commentary field that your daily manager has approved your request.

Can't add a new holiday?

Then it is because the holidays are used for standard registered holiday. You need to change the days in the standard registered holiday period to get enough days to take a new holiday.

Example: There is standard registered a holiday periode from July 17th to August 4th. but you would like to take a new holiday of 5 days at the end of June. You need to subtract 5 days from the standard registered holiday period and send the request. Remember to write the alternative dates for the holidays in the commentary field.

Sickness and absence

You must inform daily manager about sickness and other types of absence (childcare days, child’s sick day, etc.) in the morning, on the first day away from work. Furthermore you must also register in mitHR. If the end date of the absence is unknown, this must be indicated when registering in mitHR.

On the first day back at work, you must inform your daily manager, and in case of absence without a known end date, the absence registration must be finalized in mitHR.

The employee must be aware of which types of absence he/she cannot register in mitHR. All types of absence that an employee cannot register in mitHR must be reported to (see overview here, in Danish).

It is possible to access mitHR from your own PC or mobile phone. Find a link to the instructions here.

Long-term sick leave (more than 14 days) must always be reported to your daily manager and

Annual schedule of the holiday year


Standard holidays 2023/24:

Ordinary holidays

  • Week 42
  • 22nd – 29th December
  • 10th May (2024)
  • Week 29-30-31 (2024)

Special holidays

  • 12th – 13th February (2024)
  • 25th – 27th March (2024)