Researchers at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering are welcome to invite interns. Be aware, that interns do not qualify for ECTS credits. In the following you can see BCE's internal guidelines and procedure regarding interns:


  • At BCE we offer space for 6 interns per semester. In this overview you can see the status of agreements with interns for the coming semesters: Interns overview
  • As a starting point, each section can offer 3 internships per year. If a section cannot use 3 places, other sections can use available places. The sections agree on this among themselves.
  • Potential interns must always apply via our "Intern Application Form" on HERE no later than 3 months before the desired start date.
  • BCE ONLY uses its own Internship agreement, which is pre-approved by the TTO and which can also only be signed by the Head of Department. The secretariat sends the Internship agreement to the intern in question with a copy to the supervisor.
  • Researchers may not make agreements with interns who have not completed the "Intern Application Form" on
  • Researchers are not allowed to make commitments without the OK from the secretariat first.
  • Interns must have their own private insurances in that they will not be covered by any accident or liability insurance during the internship.
  • The secretariat will help to check whether it is possible to offer interns a physical office space at the relevant location. We cannot always guarantee a physical space. At AU, not all departments provide office space for interns.

Application form for hosting interns

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Application form


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