As a member of staff at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, you can use the tools below in your communication.


Announcement of events

If you are organising a guest lecture or another event that you would like to have announced on the department website (internal and/or external), you must send an email to  with the following information:

  • Title of lecture
  • Name of speaker
  • Short abstract
  • Time and place
  • Contact person
  • Picture (optional)
  • Where to advertise the event (internal/external website, possibly Brightspace or outlook invitation)?

Business cards, logo and email signature


You can order business cards via AU's.

Logo Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

If you need the department logo in other colours or formats that the above, e.g. for a presentation, you can generate the logo through AU's website. The department's unit number is 2917.

AU Engineering logo

Download the file to your computer and right-click on the folder to unzip it.

Email signature

You can download a template for your email signature by clicking on the link below.

Word and Powerpoint templates

AU's templates for Word and Powerpoint is installed automatically on your computer. If they are not installed on your computer, you must contact the local IT support.


With the BCE-poster templates you can easily produce posters within the scope of AU's design programme.

Printing your poster

You can have your poster printed at the Printing Service - AU Tryk which is located on campus in Aarhus.