Holiday and absence

As an employee at Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, you must follow the procedure below when you want to take holidays, or have other types of absence.


The Senior Management Team at AU wishes that employees take all holidays, including special holidays, during the holiday year. All monthly-paid employees earn 2.08 days of ordinary holiday and 0.42 days of special holiday per month.

Holiday planning is based on fixed standard holiday periods for the holiday year 2022/23 (please notice that only employees' available holidays will be registered in the standard periods).


Standard holidays 2022/23:

Ordinary holidays

  • Week 42
  • 27th – 30th December
  • 19th May (2023)
  • Week 29-30-31 (2023)

Special holidays

  • 13th – 14st February (2023)
  • 3rd – 5th April (2023)


The procedure below must be followed, in order to change already planned holiday:

  • The change must be reported before the holiday begins, and a new holiday period must be specified. The number of days you wish to change must be equal to the number of days registered.
  • Please remember to notify before beginning your holiday. Supervisor and section manager must be cc. in the mail.

An overview of holiday earnings can be found by clicking at “My Profile” at After logging in choose “Holiday and absence”. Please notice that only already taken holidays are part of the overview. Planned, future holidays must therefore the deducted from the shown holiday balance.


Sickness and other types of absence

You must inform your supervisor and about sickness and other types of absence (childcare days, child’s sick day, etc.) in the morning, on the first day away from work.

On the first day back at work, you must again inform your supervisor and


Annual schedule and process description
Please find a detailed process description regarding holidays and absence at BCE below. The description was approved by the local liaison committee (LSU) in 2022.


Annual schedule of the holiday year