Recruitment without prior advertisement

Procedure for recruitment without prior advertisement at BCE.


Deadlines from HR:

All new employees must receive an employment contract before they start. After the employement has been processed in Emply, HR must therefore receive the emplayment case from the departments via medarbejderstamkortet/MSK (see item 5 below):

• no later than 30 days before start date for Danes

• no later than 60 days before start date for EU citizens

• no later than 90 days before start date for non-EU citizens


All employments must start on the 1st or 15th in a month.


The table below shows the procedure for recruitments without prior advertisement.



Azra Becic Brka

Academic officer Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering - Secretariat, BCE - Navitas

The procedure for recruitment without prior advertisement





Approval of the economy and recruitment

Project owner

Approval by email from controller/project economist (economy) and section manager (recruitment). Both approvals must be attached in the online form for temporary employments.


Fill out the online form

Project owner

Questions can be directed to the secretariat.


Case is created in Emply


HR forwards an email to the candidate regarding upload of application and CV.



Project owner

The project owner receives a messages from Emply, when the assessment can begin.


Create medarbejderstamkort (MSK)


The secretariat create an employment case for HR via MSK (NB! The deadlines from HR are valid from this point to start of employment - see deadlines above).


HR draws up an employment contract


Salary negotiation takes place, and potential application for residence- and work permit.

BCE unit numbers

In the template field ”Unit number” you must type the number of the unit, in which the new employee will be employed:  

  • Medical Biotechnology, Gustav Wieds Vej 10: 2919
  • Medical Biotechnology, Nørrebrogade 44: 2920
  • Medical Biotechnology, Hangøvej 2: 2977
  • Industrial Biotechnology, Gustav Wieds Vej 10: 2921
  • Industrial Biotechnology, Hangøvej 2: 2978
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Finlandsgade 10: 2922
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Finlandsgade 12: 2923    
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Nørrebrogade 44: 2924     
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Gustav Wieds Vej 10: 2979    
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Blichers Allé 20: 2980       
  • Environmental Technology Engineering, Hangøvej 2: 2981
  • Process and Materials Engineering, Hangøvej 2: 2925     
  • Process and Materials Engineering, Åbogade 40: 2926      
  • Process and Materials Engineering, Nørrebrogade 44: 2927    
  • Process and Materials Engineering, Blichers Allé 20 L30: 2928    
  • Process and Materials Engineering, Blichers Allé 20 L38: 2929    
  • Process and Materials Engineering,  Burrehøjvej 43: 2930